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First choice for Sports Therapy in Chelmsford

Everything from Trigger Point Therapy to Chiropractic Biophysics, now availible at our Chelmsford Clinic.

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Welcome to Chelmsford Sports Therapy

Chelmsford sports therapy offers professional and affordable sports therapy at our clinic in Chelmsford, Essex.

Part of the Complete chiropractic family, we have been serving Chelmsford and the wider community for over 15 years and have helped thousands of people to overcome everything from sports injuries to recurring pain and workplace injuries.

Our professional sports therapists are ideally positioned to assist you, whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to optimise your performance!

Professional Staff

Our team of professionally trained sports therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and postural optimisation experts are ideally positioned to provide you with an experience totally tailored to your needs.

Full service location

Our Chelmsford clinic is easily accessible to clients throughout Essex and provides all our services under one roof. We’re able to provide everything from sports massage to injury rehabilitation and posture correction

Great Pricing

We always ensure our services are competitively priced on an individual basis, but we can offer you an even greater saving with one of our treatment packages.

Sports Therapy

Our team of Sports Therapists are ideally positioned to overcome injury and take your game to the next level.

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Injury Rehabilitation

Don't let an injury keep you down - our tailored approach to recovery ensures you'll be beack on your feet and better than before!

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Sports Massage

An effective an affordable option for the treatment and prevention of injury, as well as improving performance.

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Chiropractic Biophysics

The Chiropractic biophysics approach takes Chiropractic care to the next level. Based on tried and tested scientific principles, CBP care includes, Mirror Image Posture Correction Exercises, Mirror Image Posture Corrective Adjustments and Corrective Spinal & Postural Traction for spinal remodelling.

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